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Rich White, The Boeing Company

Investment in Oregon’s transportation infrastructure is a critical need to move both people and freight to support our state’s economic growth.

High priority projects included in the 2017 transportation package have yet to be funded and must be implemented to ease congestion and drive the economy.

Finding equitable funding solutions should be a priority in any economic situation, but, given the historic COVID-19 recession and significant projected increases in tax burdens, revenue options should be weighed carefully with an eye toward allowing businesses to recover.

Policy principles will include:

Infrastructure Policy

Infrastructure Improvements: Support expanded and enhanced multimodal transportation infrastructure to improve both people and freight mobility as necessary to support statewide economic growth.

Interstate Bridge: Support collaborative effort with the state of Washington to replace the Interstate Bridge and advocate for funding mechanisms that do not unfairly burden Oregon businesses.

HB 2017: Support completion of HB 2017 transportation package projects.

Alternative Fuel: Support alternative vehicle infrastructure investment and incentive programs.

Transportation Revenue Policy

Tolling and Congestion Pricing: Support congestion pricing and tolling in amounts that help fund strategic infrastructure projects that can help reduce congestion and improve freight mobility.

Public Transit: Support revenue sources that fund critical public services that will not place a disproportionate burden on state or regional employers and/or employees. Oppose the creation of new funding mechanisms to subsidize public transit programs throughout the state unless funding is tied to the benefits derived by those paying fees or taxes.

Highway Funds: Support long-term, sustainable funding streams for the state’s roads, bridges, and resiliency needs. Funding could include equitably increasing the fuels tax and/or vehicle fees, alternative options, and tolling, among others

Policy Principles 2021

These policy principles will guide Oregon Business & Industry (OBI) as we represent our members and the broader Oregon business community throughout the 2021 legislative session.

2021 Legislative Priorities