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A group of California pro-tax activists is collecting signatures to put a drastic tax-increase measure on Oregon’s November 2024 statewide ballot. If approved by voters, Initiative Petition 17 would implement the largest tax increase in Oregon history – hurting Oregon’s economy and driving up costs for Oregon businesses and consumers at the worst possible time.

Here's Why IP 17 Would Be Bad for All Oregonians
IP 17 Would Implement a Massive Tax on Sales

IP 17 is basically a gross receipts tax on businesses with more than $25 million in annual sales. In other words, it’s a tax on salesnot profits. That means Oregon businesses would be forced to pay this new tax regardless of whether they make a large profit, make a small profit, or are losing money. IP 17 would force hundreds of local businesses to raise their prices, cut jobs, or shut down completely.

IP 17 Would Impose a 'Tax on a Tax'

IP17 would add a costly new 3% tax on sales at every step in the production and selling process (see below). By the time an Oregon product goes from raw materials to a manufacturer to a packaging company to a distributor and then to a retailer, it may have been taxed five times before it finally reaches the consumer – making it far more costly than a typical sales tax. This drastic “tax on a tax” would make Oregon products more expensive, make Oregon companies less competitive and increase prices on Oregon consumers.

IP 17 Would Mean Higher Consumer Prices - at the Worst Possible Time

By implementing the largest tax increase in Oregon history, IP 17 would increase prices for everyday goods and services that Oregonians rely on – such as food, medicine and electricity. That would especially hurt those who can least afford it, such as seniors and people living on fixed incomes.

IP 17 comes at the worst possible time, when the cost of living is already out of control. Reports show that a typical Oregon household must spend $11,000 more each year to maintain the same standard of living it had in 2021. IP 17 would increase costs even further.

Source: Oregon Inflation Report, U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee, May 2024

A Blank Check for Salem Politicians

Despite what its promoters claim, IP 17 does not guarantee that revenues from its massive new tax will end up in the pockets of Oregon residents. If IP 17 passes, politicians in Salem could amend it with a simple majority vote and redirect the money anywhere they want – thus giving them a blank check, with no accountability to the public.

Join Our Growing Coalition Urging NO on IP 17

A statewide coalition of large and small Oregon businesses, organizations, taxpayers, consumers and community leaders is coming together to oppose IP 17. Your support is vital to help ensure we can defeat this costly tax on sales. Please click through the “Join Our Coalition” links on this page to join the fight.

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