Infrastructure investment is critical to ensure the movement of people and freight required for economic growth. Important projects were included in the transportation package approved by the 2017 Legislature, yet many of these have not yet been funded or implemented. Policymakers must focus on implementing these projects to ease congestion and drive the economy.

The 2021 Legislature further supported the construction of transportation infrastructure by passing House Bill 3055, which included both authorization for projects and direction for tolling programs. State leaders should continue to seek the equitable implementation of tolling to generate the revenue needed for key projects. Given the continuing effects of the COVID pandemic, policymakers should ensure that tolling and other revenue measures avoid placing undue burdens on the transportation sector.


Policy Objectives

Infrastructure Improvements: Support expanded and enhanced multimodal transportation infrastructure to improve the movement of people and freight as needed to support economic growth.

Interstate 5 Bridge: Support collaboration with Washington to replace the aging I-5 bridge connecting Portland and Vancouver. Advocate for funding mechanisms that do not burden Oregon businesses unfairly.

HB 2017: Support the completion of transportation projects contained in House Bill 2017.

Alternative Fuel: Support investment in alternative vehicle infrastructure and incentive programs that support existing and new vehicle technologies.

Federal Infrastructure Package: Support the passage of a federal infrastructure bill that will fund major physical infrastructure needs without imposing tax increases that would harm Oregon employers and employees.

Tolling: Support the adoption of a tolling regime that manages congestion while raising money needed for key projects.

Public Transit: Support revenue sources that fund critical public services that will not place a disproportionate burden on state or regional employers or employees. Oppose the creation of new funding mechanisms to subsidize public transit programs throughout the state unless funding is broad-based and tied to the benefits derived by those paying fees or taxes.

Highway Funds: Support long-term, sustainable funding streams for the state’s roads, bridges, and resiliency needs. Funding could include equitable increases in fuel taxes or vehicle fees.


Brian Shipley, PeaceHealth
Rich White, The Boeing Company

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