Deborah Herron, Walmart

Retailers have been hit particularly hard by the COVID-19 recession and aiding in their recovery will be critical to the long-term viability of the Oregon retail sector.

In recent years retailers have been asked to pay ever-increasing costs of doing business while seeing much of their traditional business shrink. They have invested heavily in new technology and service delivery models in very short timeframes to continue to serve their customers. Government should focus on helping with those difficult transitions, not impose additional costs on the delivery of services and supplies. Our primary policy principle for 2021 will be to ask the legislature not to add to the costs of doing business for retailers, such as new taxes and regulations.

Our policy principles will include:

Consumer Protection

Support consumer protection legislation that addresses narrowly defined, specific, and empirically proven dangers and that would make a meaningful difference.

Consumer Privacy

Support public policies that support the retail industry’s need to protect consumer privacy while providing the flexibility necessary for innovative use of data.

Organized Retail Crime

Support legislation that would clarify and strengthen Oregon’s current laws combating organized retail crime. The Retail Council also supports legislation that would increase penalties for individuals who manufacture and/or sell counterfeit merchandise to consumers throughout the state. Such counterfeit goods not only affect the bottom line of honest merchants, but certain products also pose a serious health threat to the consumers who use them.

Credit and Finance

Oppose efforts to inhibit the flow of information necessary to render appropriate decisions for every customer and meet their preferences.

General Retail Positions:

OBI and the Oregon Retail Council Support

  • The use of biometric data for drivers’ licenses
  • Manufacturer responsibility for electronic product stewardship recycling
  • A security freeze on credit for victims of identity theft
  • Increased penalties for shoplifting

OBI and the Oregon Retail Council Oppose

  • Expansion of the Unlawful Trade Practices Act
  • Market controls such as policies about price discrimination
  • Point-of-sale purchasing requirements
  • Policies that limits retailer conveniences for customers
  • Bans of specific classes of retailers
  • Packaging bans

Policy Principles 2021

These policy principles will guide Oregon Business & Industry (OBI) as we represent our members and the broader Oregon business community throughout the 2021 legislative session.

2021 Legislative Priorities