Making Salem a More Business-Friendly Place

OBI is a leader in political advocacy, engaging in every election cycle with both offensive and defensive political strategies on issues that impact our members. We rely on your generous donations to continue this important work.

For more information about OBI’s political action committees, including how to donate, contact Nathaniel Brown.

As a supporter of the OBI PACs, you join over 400 other OBI members to make us one of the most effective organizations in Oregon. Our business donors come from every corner of our state, demonstrating strong grassroots support with over 85% of our contributions coming from businesses who have given less than $500. As donors, you get access to our election strategies, updates on campaigns throughout the state, and opportunities to interact with candidates and incumbents.

Campaign Finance Reform

The conversation around campaign finance reform has been heating up across the state. In November 2020, voters overwhelmingly approved an amendment to the state constitution that will allow local governments to set limits on campaign contributions. In April 2020, the Oregon Supreme Court ruled that contribution limits set by Multnomah County voters in 2016 are legal. This sets the stage for negotiations during the 2021 long legislative session, and OBI will work hard to ensure a level playing field for all. Check back here for updates as this conversation develops.