Paid Leave Oregon refers to the paid family and medical leave insurance (PFMLI) program the Oregon Legislature adopted in 2019 through House Bill 2005. Such programs are fairly new – Oregon in 2019 became only the eighth state to adopt a PFMLI program – and vary significantly from state to state. Paid Leave Oregon has taken longer than expected to implement, but it finally will take effect in 2023. 

On Jan. 1, employers and employees will begin to pay into the program. And on Sept. 3, employees can start applying for benefits.

OBI will update this page as the rules governing Paid Leave Oregon are adopted and adjusted. 


Paid Leave Oregon will provide paid time off for family, medical and other reasons. These include the care of a newborn or adopted child, recovery time following serious illness or injury, and leave for victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, harassment or stalking. The program provides up to 12 weeks of paid leave per year.

The program will be funded by a tax on wages. The initial rate will be 1%, of which employees will pay 60%. Employers with at least 25 employees will pay the remaining 40%. Smaller employers will not be required to contribute, though they will have to collect and submit employee contributions. 

Most employees seeking paid leave will apply to the state, which will administer Paid Leave Oregon. However, employers that don’t want to participate in the state program may provide equivalent plans offered by insurance companies. 


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