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Paid Leave Oregon will be implemented as planned. Employees will be able to apply for benefits beginning Aug. 14, and benefit payments will begin Sept. 3.

The program covers paid family leave, medical leave and safe leave for eligible Oregon workers. In January, employers and employees began to contribute to a trust fund that will pay for leave benefits.

The Legislature this year passed a bill, Senate Bill 31, that required the employment department to determine that the program trust fund was solvent before launching benefits on Sept. 3. Based on current data and projections, the trust fund is adequate to support the program, the department announced July 18.

The department also announced July 18 that detailed information for employees, including eligibility requirements, tutorial videos and a benefits calculator, would be available on the Paid Leave Oregon website Aug. 14. Employees may now visit the employee overview page for resources, including a guidebook.

Employers can learn about the program by visiting the Paid Leave Oregon employer page, which includes requirements for small and large employers, a tool kit and many other resources.

To keep up to date on program changes, check out the news and events page, which features press releases and helpful monthly bulletins. OBI’s Paid Leave Oregon web page also contains useful information, including updates, links and recorded webinars.