In April 2024, OBI launched the inaugural Oregon Competitiveness Book, a collection of more than 50 state rankings in economically significant areas, from taxation and population trends to educational performance and home ownership rates. OBI will update the Oregon Competitiveness Book on an annual basis.

Many state and federal economic indicators are updated more frequently than once a year, however, including unemployment and inflation rates. This page provides a collection of key Oregon economic indicators. Some of them are updated every month, and others are updated quarterly. This page also includes significant information updated annually.

This page will be updated on a monthly basis. 

Labor Force and Population

Employment data for May 2024, except as noted.

Oregon Unemployment


Total Unemployed


Nonfarm Employment


Job Vacancies (Q1 2024)


U.S. Unemployment


U.S. Population (June 2024)

336.6 million

Oregon Population (July 2023)


Wages and Income (2023)
Oregon Average Annual Pay


U.S. Average Annual Pay


Oregon Per-Capita Personal Income


U.S. Per-Capita Personal Income


Oregon Average Annual Pay by Region
Portland Metro


Central Oregon






East Cascades


Southwestern Oregon


Eastern Oregon


Oregon Economy
U.S. Inflation (June 2024)


U.S. Pacific Region Inflation (May 2024)


U.S. GDP (2023)

$27.96 trillion

Oregon GDP (2023)

$316.5 billion
(25th nationally)

Oregon International Exports (2023)

$27.72 billion

Oregon International Imports (2023)

$19.38 billion

Legislatively Adopted Budget (2023-25)

$121.3 billion

Estimated CAT Revenue (2023-25)

$2.81 billion