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“Across Oregon, and the nation, Americans are living through a very painful and multi-layered crisis. Some 40 million Americans, 400,000 in Oregon, have lost their jobs because of the coronavirus crisis, and the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis brought to the surface racial injustices that have long plagued our country. This is a time when we have to set aside differences and pull together to honestly confront the challenges facing our nation and our state, hear the truth that is being spoken and do our part to drive toward a solution. Oregon businesses are committed to being part of that effort. We support peaceful protests, but committing violent acts and damaging property will not help the many families that are suffering in this national crisis. At OBI, we know this has been a very difficult time for businesses, for workers and for families across our state. We are committed to working with our state’s leaders to address the huge issues facing Oregon, and we will be part of the solution. Please call us if we can be of assistance.”

  • Sandra McDonough, president & CEO