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In representing our members and the broader Oregon business community through the 2024 legislative session and beyond, Oregon Business & Industry is guided by a set of policy principles adopted by the OBI Board of Directors. You can read these principles by clicking the button below.

OBI’s principles are focused on policies that will enhance Oregon’s business climate, allowing employers to innovate, grow and provide the jobs and revenue upon which the state relies. These principles, along with OBI’s Growth and Innovation Roadmap, recognize the need for policymakers to act
urgently to improve conditions for the state’s employers amid fierce interstate competition. The well-being of the state depends upon the vitality of its private sector.

Oregon’s private sector creates the economic activity that supports critical public services, from education to law enforcement. It creates jobs that allow hundreds of thousands of families to live, work and pay taxes in Oregon. The wealth created by the private sector also supports the philanthropic efforts of thousands of Oregonians and businesses in support of causes and communities throughout the state.