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In representing our members and the broader Oregon business community through the 2022 legislative session, Oregon Business & Industry is guided by a set of policy principles adopted by the OBI Board of Directors. You can read these principles here.

The principles focus on policies that will be critical as Oregon’s economy continues to recover, getting people back to work and restoring the financial stability of families across our state. We believe that the single most important ingredient to a successful economic recovery is a healthy and vibrant business community. Business investment and activity lead to job creation, and quality jobs translate to more stability for Oregon families – and stable tax revenue for important government services. These policies are focused on actions that will affect Oregon’s struggling business community as it gets back on its feet.

Generally speaking, the policy principles support legislative action that focuses on policies that will invest remaining federal dollars on programs that support those hit hardest by the pandemic, assist communities in need of help and achieve recovery in an equitable fashion. Lawmakers must avoid any actions that will increase the regulatory and financial burdens Oregon’s employers already carry.