Senate Bill 424 would prohibit colleges and universities from withholding transcripts from people who have unpaid fees. Such policies can prevent people from obtaining employment and from gaining access to other educational opportunities, as OBI’s Katie Koenig explains in the comments below, which were submitted to the Senate Committee on Education Jan. 26:

OBI is supportive of this effort to eliminate barriers to accessing transcripts.

We recognize there have been instances when current and former students of post-secondary institutions have been unable to access transcripts because of financial obligations owed to the institution, resulting in missed educational or employment opportunities. Students and former students should not be precluded from the possibility of educational or employment advancement, which may help someone pay off outstanding obligations, due to lack of access to a transcript.

While we appreciate the need of post-secondary institutions to take fiscally responsible measures, including efforts to realize outstanding financial obligations, this is not the means.

Download a pdf of Koenig’s testimony here.