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Wine by Joe (Dundee, OR)

Q&A with Amelia Dobbes

Tell us about Wine by Joe. What do you do?

We are a hard-working urban winery driven by an unrelenting commitment to produce a portfolio of standout wines, while embracing new possibilities and delivering an evolved wine experience for everyone we interact with.  We source grapes from both trusted and emerging terroirs, respecting nature’s changes and continuously exploring opportunities in varietal, character and taste. Our group of dynamic people and partners take pride in every single aspect of our business and output.  We stand proud and innovative, inclusive and intentional, at every turn. Our passion fuels us and we exude it in everything we do.

How did Wine by Joe get started?

Founded in 2002 by Joe Dobbes, originally as a small family winery created to produce the highest quality, true expression of Oregon varietals, we have evolved into a company of dedicated team members, guided by progressive leadership and inventive craftspeople.  We have become one of Oregon’s largest producers, combining our collective expertise and genuine passion for Oregon wine to assemble a portfolio of our own wines, Dobbes Family Estate, Wine by Joe, as well as an extensive line of custom crafted wines created for our partners.  We now operate as our own unique version of family and treat our customers, partners and our community with the utmost respect.

Tell us about your employees. Who works here?

  • We’re People Who Like People. People are at the heart of who we are. From our employees to our partners and our esteemed guests, it is our intention to ensure everyone feels welcome and included. We are committed to maintaining a diverse, inclusive and equitable workplace founded on respect, acceptance and appreciation for all individuals. It is our belief that having a diverse and inclusive workplace is critical to our success including our ability to attract and retain employees, ensure our employees thrive and to better serve our customers.
  • We Work With Purpose. Every decision we make from in the vineyards, to winemaking, to our tasting room is intentional. We are generous with our time and our resources, giving back to our company and community in as many ways as we can. We are committed to growing and learning so that we can try to make the world a better place.
  • We Learn Something New Every Day. The art of running a wine business and the craft of winemaking are works in constant progress. It requires craftsmanship, curiosity, innovation and the careful balance of new world thinking and tradition. We respect our roots but are unafraid to take risks. We are proud to be rooted in tradition but unbound by convention.

What makes you unique?

Built on a pioneering, daring and cutting-edge approach to winemaking from day one, Wine By Joe remains true to our core and continues to evolve.  We make wines true to their varietal character in order to highlight as much depth, elegance, opulence and balance as possible, and introduce new varietals and blends that continuously express the same level of quality and integrity.

What is the biggest challenge you are facing today?

The biggest challenge we face today is the threat of drought and wildfire to our industry. The impact of climate change is impossible to ignore any more. We must do what we can to turn back the negative impact we’ve had on the earth.

What does the future look like for Wine by Joe?

We’re not the same company we were close to 20 years ago – our consumers have evolved and so have we. Our next chapter is focused on redefining who we are as an organization and driving significant and sustainable growth across our company. We are ready to take our company to the next level and step into who we are truly meant to be – an organization that honors tradition but is never bound by convention.

How do you view the future of manufacturing in Oregon? 

We have a unique, welcoming and beautiful state that companies and employees find very attractive. Oregon continues to draw people and businesses from around the globe and I believe that will continue. As the word continues to get out about all that Oregon has to offer, I envision that that we will continue to diversify the types of businesses and people that choose to make this state their home.

What makes you proudest about Wine by Joe?

I am proud of our employees’ commitment to quality in everything we do.

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