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OBI’s Annual Manufacturing and Innovation Roadshow

OBI’s 2023 Manufacturing and Innovation Roadshow will take Oct. 2 – 4 and visit locations in the northern Willamette Valley, Columbia River Gorge and eastern and central Oregon. Go to the 2023 Roadshow page to learn more. OBI kicked off this annual tradition in 2022 by conducting its first annual Manufacturing and Innovation Roadshow (visit the web page here). The inaugural roadshow visited nearly two dozen manufacturers across the state from Aug. 3-17, introducing legislators, local government officials and civic leaders to this diverse and economically powerful industry sector.

Check out a video recap of the 2022 roadshow here.

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OBI is the state affiliate for the National Association of Manufacturers.

Mission: To protect, promote and grow a positive, globally-competitive business climate for manufacturing and related industries in Oregon.

OBI Releases Report on Historic Opportunities, Challenges for Manufacturing in Oregon

A new report by ECONorthwest shows that manufacturing contributes $33 Billion to Oregon’s GDP and employs more than 214,000 people, and the opportunities from growth in this diverse and innovative sector are enormous. For example, a 10% growth in manufacturing would create 66,000 more jobs and provide $800 million more in resources for state and local governments. As Oregonians face growing supply chain issues and the country continues to grapple with the importance of domestic manufacturing, Oregon Business & Industry (OBI) and the Oregon Business Council (OBC) released a report conducted by ECONorthwest on behalf of OBC and OBI’s Education and Research Foundation on the state of manufacturing in Oregon. Read the full report here and view a slide deck about the report’s findings here.

About MCO

The Manufacturing Council of Oregon is a strong voice of manufacturing and related industries in Oregon. We are a diverse community of makers and innovators dedicated to providing opportunities, removing barriers, and creating the jobs that fuel Oregon’s economy and quality of life. We are proud to be the official state affiliate of the National Association of Manufacturers and our goal is to build and enhance a healthy business climate for manufacturing in Oregon. Still curious about the Council? We’ve answered some of your most pressing questions in a FAQ.


  • Ensure that Oregon provides a sustainable, globally-competitive environment which supports a diverse manufacturing sector by fostering capital investment, innovation, research and development, employment opportunity and workforce training.
  • Promote a tax and regulatory environment that encourages manufacturing investment, innovation and growth.
  • Promote local, state and regional infrastructure improvements to facilitate shipping, surface transportation and port access/throughput to enhance access to regional, national and global markets.
  • Improve career manufacturing employment opportunities through enhanced investment and support of career and technical education and promotion of education-workforce-employer collaboration.
  • Promote sustainable land-use and energy policies that ensure Oregon manufacturers have cost-effective access to the resources necessary to compete in regional and global markets.

The Industry:

In 2015, Oregon ranked second among states for the percentage of gross domestic product attributed to manufacturing, 25.2 percent. Only Indiana at 29.1 percent was higher. Oregon also ranks high in terms of the number of manufacturing jobs. In fact, since 1991 Oregon’s manufacturing job growth has exceeded the U.S. average each year – growing more in up years and shrinking less during the recession. The average manufacturing wage in 2014 was $64,000, compared with $46,500 for all jobs, according to the Oregon Employment Department.

OBI Celebrating Manufacturers 2021

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