Businesses have long demonstrated their commitment to preserving our state’s environment and natural resources, while also providing critical necessities like energy, food, products and jobs.

Many have acted ahead of regulations to voluntarily adopt business practices and controls that reduce their environmental impacts. Companies remain dedicated to operating in a manner that benefits Oregon’s people and economy while also promoting and improving Oregon’s natural environment.

However, Oregon’s regulated community is taking on more than ever before. Increased stringency in new, expanding and existing regulatory programs are demanding that businesses make costly investments in response to increasingly complex and difficult-to-navigate regulatory schemes. It is important that regulatory requirements do not unduly burden Oregon businesses or place them at a competitive disadvantage, and it is important to ensure that any requirements that are put in place result in actual environmental benefits. This is especially true during a time when we must be focused on creating an environment that supports job creation so that we can put Oregonians back to work and help Oregon families recover from the COVID-19 recession.



Calli Daly, Koch Industries, Inc
Annette Price, PacifiCorp

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