tax and fscal policy 1

Tax and Fiscal Policy

Given the continued uncertainty in Oregon’s economic outlook related to inflation and tightening monetary policy, and the recognition of significant tax increases since 2019 at both state and local levels, OBI’s Tax and Fiscal Policy Principles will remain largely unchanged in 2024.

employment practices

Employment Practices

Even before the imposition of mandates responding to the COVID pandemic, Oregon’s employers were reeling from a multitude of policy changes affecting their operations. For 2024, OBI urges the Legislature to help businesses in their recovery and spare them additional regulatory and cost burdens.


Retail Policy

In recent years, retailers have shouldered ever-increasing costs to do business in Oregon even as their traditional businesses have shrunk. OBI’s primary objective for the 2024 session will be to limit new regulations and taxes that increase the burden on retailers.


Health Care

Oregon has passed several transformative health care measures in recent years. The healthcare system needs time to stabilize and evaluate the effects of these measures on cost and health outcomes. Now is not the time for big new programs.

Electric trucks

Transportation Infrastructure

Although the required state funds for replacing the Interstate 5 bridge were secured in the 2023 legislative session, much of OBI’s transportation policy work will continue to be driven by the bridge project through supporting federal grant applications and advocacy for the duration of this lengthy and complex process.