Member Benefit Fuel Program

OBI has partnered with MCP Petroleum to drive down OBI members’ fuel cost. OBI is leveraging the collective purchasing power of our membership to get wholesale fuel pricing for our members. OBI members who use 900 gallons of fuel annually through their company are eligible for this program.


Mid Columbia Producers, Inc

This program provides tremendous benefits to association members and follows many fluctuations in the market. The program also offers high-speed fueling sites, 24-7 accessibility, necessary product controls, management reporting, web access and suspect usage alerts.

Your prices are on the leading edge of any correction in the market, following upswings as well as a downturns. Retail prices have always been quick to rise but slower to react on the downward trend. Riding the wholesale pricing curve assures your company that when prices fall, the members who are taking advantage of this program will get there first. Their pricing will reflect that downturn long before it ever surfaces on the street.

In Addition to Fuel Savings
  • Reduce slippage
  • Save valuable employee time
  • Provide accountability and oversight
Product Controls
  • Product grade restrictions
  • Gallon limits per transaction, day, week & month
  • Time of day and day of week restrictions
Unusual Fueling
  • Receive e-receipts detailing transaction within minutes of fueling (CFN only)
  • Alerts when drivers fuel outside set parameters

Additional Benefits

Web Access

The ability to view your employees fueling activities on a daily basis, as well as those from past billings, including all detail such as employee/vehicle, time and date, location, product and gallons purchased, odometer reading, MPG, price paid, total cost and unusual fueling activity alerts.

Record-keeping Advantage

Complete fueling activity analysis including tax accounting and driver reporting. Many small companies have found the management reporting portion of this program especially helpful during tax time. The monthly commercial fuel invoices eliminate the need to retain hundreds of fuel receipts. These invoices can be used as mileage logs as well as fuel receipts and will greatly reduce your record keeping tasks.

Customer Service

A knowledgeable, friendly, and responsive customer service department is only a phone call away!