A Conversation with Incoming President & CEO Angela Wilhelms

“As I transition into the role, my first priority is to connect with our members so that I can understand what is top of mind for them, but I also want to connect with our partners and the many other stakeholders who help shape the environment for business and industry in the state. I have a lot of listening to do, and I look forward to taking what I bring to the role and what I learn in the role and working with the board to create a long-term vision for OBI.”

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OBI Statement on Sept. 2021 Economic Forecast

“Employment is rebounding, but is still short of pre-pandemic levels, which makes it clear we are not out of the woods in terms of the pandemic’s impact on individual Oregonians,” said OBI President & CEO Sandra McDonough. “On the other hand, the state of Oregon is hitting record highs in terms of tax collections.”

OBI Announces First-ever Oregon Visionary Award Honorees

“These tremendous honorees represent our state’s unlimited potential,” said OBI Board Chair Karen Vineyard. “Each of them – through their professional work as well as community service – have shown their dedication to shared prosperity and opportunity for all Oregonians. They have set aside individual interests and traditional political allegiances to bring Oregonians from all walks of life together around a common set of values. We are grateful to honor these true Oregon visionaries at OBI’s biggest event of the year.”

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Wine by Joe

The art of running a wine business and the craft of winemaking are works in constant progress. It requires craftsmanship, curiosity, innovation and the careful balance of new world thinking and tradition. We respect our roots but are unafraid to take risks. We are proud to be rooted in tradition but unbound by convention.