Alando Simpson 2021 Oregon Visionary Honoree

2021 Oregon Visionary: Alando Simpson

Alando Simpson, CEO of City of Roses Disposal and Recycling in Portland is a leading community activist focused on equity and inclusion in Oregon and a major voice for the need to encourage the growth and vitality of Black-owned businesses throughout the state.

QA with Oregon OSHA

Q&A with Oregon OSHA

Join OBI and OSHA Administrator Michael Wood, for an overview of new OSHA rules, particularly those related to wildfire smoke and excessive heat, and updates about reinstated mask requirements due to the spread of COVID-19.

Delta Variant in Oregon: The Latest from the Experts

The COVID-19 Delta variant is threatening to overwhelm Oregon’s healthcare system, with cases and hospitalizations breaking records nearly 18 months into the pandemic. Join OBI and the experts from OHSU and the OAHHS to learn more about the situation, what it means for our communities, and what we can expect in the next phase of the pandemic.