CompSAFE Webinar Manage Claims Costs

On Aug. 10, SAIF’s expert panel explained how to manage the post-injury process, get your employees back to work and mitigate claim costs using your Return to Work services team at SAIF and the Employer-at-Injury and Preferred Worker Program benefits.

To watch a recording of the webinar, go here:

For a copy of the slideshow used in the webinar, go here.

SAIF’s panel includes:

Jenny Dunham: Jenny is a Return to Work consultant for SAIF’s Service Center accounts. She provides education and assistance to Oregon’s smallest employers as they navigate workers’ compensation. Prior to this role, Jenny worked in human resources and administrative roles and spent eight years as a small business owner. She has been with SAIF for more than five years.

Olivia Ojeda-Hayes: Olivia has been with SAIF for 17 years as a Return to Work consultant. Previous to that she spent 13 years in human resources and staffing roles.

Melanie Pfaff: Melanie became the Return to Work benefits coordinator at SAIF in May of 2022 and helps customers learn about and access Preferred Worker Program benefits. She continues to serve as a vocational coordinator for SAIF, a role she has filled since May of 2021. She and is a certified vocational counselor with the state of Oregon. Prior to working at SAIF, Melanie managed hundreds of volunteers and logistics for more than 30 local outreach programs and events in Salem and has over 20 years of experience as an educator and social worker for youth and adults.

To learn more about the programs above, download the following documents:

Go here to learn more about OBI’s CompSAFE program. Now in its third decade, CompSAFE helps Oregon businesses access the best SAIF coverage possible.