The 2024 Manufacturing and Innovation Roadshow will take place from Monday, Oct. 7 through Wednesday, Oct. 9 and focus on the northwestern corner of the state. The tour will begin and end in the Portland area. Stay tuned for details.


About the Manufacturing and Innovation Roadshow

The inaugural Manufacturing and Innovation Roadshow took place in 2022 with a two-week tour of manufacturers across the state. It was followed in 2023 by a tour of manufacturers in the Columbia River Gorge, northeastern Oregon, central Oregon and the central Willamette Valley. This year, the Roadshow will head to the northwest.

The purpose of the Roadshow is to highlight the breadth, ingenuity and importance of Oregon’s manufacturing sector, which employs more than 200,000 Oregonians and contributes more than $33 billion to the state’s economy annually. The Roadshow has brought together legislators, local policymakers, business leaders and many others to share information about this key sector.

By raising awareness about the importance of manufacturing and the conditions manufacturers need to remain competitive, OBI and the Manufacturing Council of Oregon helped set the stage for critical legislative sessions in 2023 and 2024.

In 2023, the Legislature passed SB 4, a package of investments and land-use policies designed to position Oregon’s semiconductor industry for federal CHIPS Act support. Intel and Microchip Technology have received substantial CHIPS Act investments.

The Legislature in 2023 also created a modest and limited research and development tax credit. Importantly, many OBI-backed bills that would help manufacturers and other Oregon businesses remain competitive received hearings and generated interest in 2023.

The short 2024 session saw the passage of OBI-backed bills to fund semiconductor workforce training, extend an important industrial site-readiness program and more. OBI will continue to advocate for policies that help manufacturers and other businesses thrive in Oregon, and highlighting the work of the state’s manufacturers will help drive that discussion.

2022 Roadshow

Intel campus small
The 2022 Manufacturing Roadshow kicked off at Intel's campus.

2023 Roadshow

Epic small
The 2023 Roadshow included a tour of Epic Aircraft in Bend.

Check Out the 2023 Manufacturing and Innovation Roadshow Stops

The Manufacturing and Innovation Roadshow is an important educational experience for legislators, local policymakers and business leaders. It’s also a lot of fun. In just a few busy days, participants get to tour some of Oregon’s most iconic and innovative companies, talk to the people who run them, and even have unexpected adventures. Participants in the 2023 Roadshow got to drive 18-wheelers around Daimler Truck North America’s test track in Madras. 

Below are brief descriptions of the nine businesses that hosted stops during the 2023 Roadshow. OBI will provide similar information about the companies participating in this year’s tour toward the end of the summer. 

Pendleton Woolen Mills

Pendleton Woolen Mills operates two of the four woolen mills still operating in the United States.

Tillamook Boardman Processing Facility

Tillamook’s processing facility in Boardman can produce up to 170 million pounds of cheese per year.

Hood River Distillers

Founded in 1934, Hood River Distillers is the oldest and largest distillery in the Pacific Northwest.

Daimler Truck North America

Reliability and durability testing for all models takes place at DTNA’s High Desert Proving Grounds in Madras.

Epic Aircraft

Epic Aircraft manufactures a high-performance, single-engine aircraft at its facility in Bend.

BASX Solutions

BASX Solutions manufactures high-efficiency HVAC systems for data centers and other industries.

Freres Engineered Wood

Freres Engineered Wood’s MassPly product consists of layers of wood glued together to form panels.

Machine Sciences Corp.

Machine Sciences Corp. manufactures complex parts for space, aerospace and similar industries.

PGE Sherwood Training Center

The Sherwood Training Center focuses primarily on training line apprentices to become journeyman linemen.