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OBI and Partners Urge Lawmakers to Address Worker Shortages

Today, OBI joined 25 other chambers and association partners urging Gov. Brown and the Legislature to consider using American Rescue Plan funds to create an incentive program aimed at encouraging people to accept work rather than relying on continued unemployment benefits. Read the full letter here.

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Our New Vision for a 20-year Tradition

The problems we face are only getting more complex and intertwined, which means the solutions must be more comprehensive and creative. In other words, we need more Oregonians with a vision. In her monthly column, OBI Chair Karen Vineyard makes a big announcement about one of our most cherished traditions at OBI.

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Oregon Business & Industry Responds to May 2021 Economic Forecast

The May revenue forecast, released today, shows that Oregon’s state tax collections are at a record high, and that is expected to continue for the next several years. With billions in federal aid on the way and these astonishingly strong tax collections flowing to state coffers, Oregon lawmakers have more than enough money to balance the existing budget and create a reasonable spending plan for the next fiscal biennium.

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2021 Eastern Oregon Economic Summit

The Summit will include field & industry tours, general session speakers, and a series of discussion panels focused on regional economic updates, federal and state legislative updates, program and industry updates, and more.

MFG Day 2021

Manufacturing Day 2021

Join OBI for our annual celebration of Oregon’s thriving manufacturing sector and the critical role these businesses play in supporting our economy and way of life. On Oct. 1, organizations and businesses across the country will mark the occasion with events in coordination with our partners at the National Association of Manufacturers.

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2021 Vision Oregon Dinner

Each year, the event is attended by hundreds of business leaders who are joined by community leaders and elected officials, ranging from members of Congress to community college board members, from throughout the state. Our 2021 dinner will mark the 20th anniversary of this cherished Oregon tradition, where we will be reflecting on the challenges and successes of the past year, and what the future holds for Oregon businesses.




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Oregon Business & Industry exists to strengthen Oregon’s economy in order to achieve a healthy, prosperous and competitive Oregon for the benefit of present and future generations.

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